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Since 1992, EVAS Air has been providing air services for North America and Europe. We take pride in scheduling the safest and most efficient charter for any situation. Be it private charters for a secluded family holiday, or an emergency cargo charter to send across essential supplies from your factory outlet, EVAS Air provides customized charter quotes, personalized with your time and comfort in mind, while offering highly competitive prices for you or your company.

Private Charter

Executing a customized charter poses unique needs and challenges, and requires the utmost care and attention to detail, the very same things that we specialize in. We offer premium add-on services such as catering and baggage handling as requested by you. Our Private Charter solutions unequivocally beat long waits at the airport lounge, delayed connecting flights, and troublesome baggage handling constraints.

Air Ambulance

EVAS Air has a decorated history of providing air ambulance evacuation services across Canada with the ability to support globally. We utilize our fast and efficient Beechcraft 1900D MEDI-MAXX aircraft in all medevac operations. This aircraft is uniquely capable of transporting up to two patients via stretcher and supports Bariatric Patient transfer, COVID-19, and Neonatal Transfers.

Cargo Charters

EVAS Air operates dedicated Beechcraft 1900D Cargo Aircraft to fit your specific freight transportation needs. Our modified aircraft is designated to hold 5000lbs of cargo, which ensures flexible and secure freight. We operate our Cargo MAXIMIZER™ to move freight efficiently while meeting on-time performance, always aiming to beat clients’ expectations. Over the past years, we have moved over 8 million pounds of freight across North America, catering to our clients and communities needs.

ACMI Leasing

EVAS Air offers value-added aircraft leasing and modification solutions to allow your business to run smoothly and effortlessly. Enjoy all the benefits of aircraft ownership while leaving the headache out of it. What sets EVAS Air apart, building on the trust of our existing clients and partners, is our commitment to aviation safety and quality standards. EVAS Air provides full operational support & assistance to enable the customer to conduct a capable, organized & successful operation.

Customized Charters

If you require charters that offer multiple stops as well as customized schedules for departure and arrival times, look no further. Our experienced charter team and flight crew can handle your special requests with safety and comfort in mind. We offer the flexibility to allow you, our valued client, to make schedule changes on the fly.

For more information on customized charter quotes, please Contact 709-256-7484.