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The Beechcraft 1900D is a reliable and dependable aircraft known for air ambulance operation, now updated by EVAS Air to the EVAS 1900D NG MEDI-MAXX™. The MEDI-MAXX™ comes with Garmin 950NXi Avionics retrofit which replaces the existing legacy gauges and equipment, with a glass cockpit configuration ensuring the Beechcraft B1900D is current with the advances in technology. EVAS Air’s extensive experience on the Beechcraft 1900D, with several improved structural inspection programs during A, B, and C checks ensures a pristine outcome. All components are overhauled and inspected to the latest standards.

Mission Capabilities

The EVAS 1900D MEDI-MAXX™ Air Ambulance modification includes an approved design for dual medical stretcher configuration, enhanced medical attendant seating, and an onsite engineered Powered Patient Loading System designed to minimize manual lifting. The MEDI-MAXX™ modification is also neonatal & bariatric capable for patients up to 700lbs. The EVAS Air 1900D NG MEDI-MAXX™ Air Ambulance is an approved Airborne Illness transport platform, utilizing an approved ISOPOD unit in which EVAS Air can safely transport any airborne illness patient while keeping Flight crew and Medical Flight personnel safe.

Key Features

  • Dual Lifeport PLUS (Patient Loading Utility System) stretchers

  • Bariatric and Neo-natal Patient Transfer ready

  • Powered Patient Loading System with Max Load Rating of 700lbs

  • Forward lavatory configuration

  • Medical Attendant seating designed for optimal patient care

  • Additional seating for multiple patients or family members


  • An environmental system capable of minimizing airborne contamination

  • Configured to ensure social distancing for all onboard

  • Fully washable, hard surface interior for ease of post-mission sanitization

  • Cargo and Baggage storage both in cabin and aft baggage compartment

  • Rear bulkhead door for retaining heat during cold weather operations


The EVAS 1900D MEDI-MAXX™ will be delivered in as-new condition

  • New 5 Bladed MT Propellers
  • New zero time P&W PT6 – 67D engines fitted
  • Fresh Gear Overhaul
  • Fresh A, B, and C checks done
  • New Garmin 950 NXi Avionics fitted
  • New Paint