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Maximum reliability, safety, and capacity.

The Beechcraft 1900D is an unparalleled pressurized High-Performance Aircraft, versatile and durable, now updated by EVAS Air to the EVAS 1900D NG Cargo MAXIMIZER™. Emergency Exit Moved Forward to Behind the First Officer’s seat. Allowing for Maximum Cargo Space Increased Volume of 760 cubic feet Cargo Capacity. This includes rollerball flooring allowing for easy movement and on-loading/off-loading of cargo. The EVAS Air Cargo MAXIMIZER™ comes with an optional Garmin 950NXi Avionics retrofit which replaces the existing legacy gauges and equipment with a glass cockpit configuration ensuring the Beechcraft 1900D is current with the advances in technology. Single Crew Operation is possible with the Beechcraft 1900D APS-65 Autopilot unit fitted. EVAS Air’s extensive experience on the Beechcraft 1900D, with several improved structural inspection programs during A, B, and C checks ensures a pristine outcome. All components are overhauled and inspected to the latest standards.

Upgrade Process

EVAS Air offers a two-phase approach to the conversion. This gives operators the flexibility to convert aircraft to transport ready almost immediately. The 2 phased approach allows operators to minimize downtime and enables the conversion of multiple aircraft while still being able to generate revenue with their aircraft.

Phase 1

  • Floor Panel Installation
  • Cargo Restraint System (Netting, Brackets, Clips, Straps)
  • Cargo Roller

Phase 2

  • Emergency Exit Modification
  • Structural Modification (Interior Reinforcement)
  • Air Duct Modification (Optimal placement of ducts to ensure care for temperature-sensitive freight)


The Beechcraft 1900D Cargo Modification ensures the aircraft can utilize the maximum cubic feet available in the most cost-effective manner. Emergency exit moved forward to behind the First Officer seat allowing for the complete fuselage aft of the doors to be used for cargo. In comparison to our competitors' exit door and the safety benefit of its proximity to the cabin floor; allowing easy exit for the crew member(s) without the need for an emergency rope.


The EVAS Air B1900D Cargo MAXIMIZER™ will be delivered in as-new condition

  • New 5 Bladed MT Propellers
  • New zero time P&W PT6 – 67D engines fitted
  • Fresh Gear Overhaul
  • Fresh A, B, and C checks done
  • New Garmin 950 NXi Avionics fitted
  • Interior to specification
  • New Paint