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Gander airline asks PM for aid for battered industry, as pressure mounts for help

Gander may have awoken to a winter wonderland on Wednesday, with the town coated in more than 25 centimetres of snow, but there’s been a hint of the holidays in the cargo holds of EVAS Air’s fleet long before that.

“We’ve been at Christmas volumes and levels for probably months now. So the cargo is going really well,” said Pat White, the CEO of EVAS Air, an aviation company headquartered at the Gander International Airport.

The increase in ferrying packages to and from the mainland is a rare bright spot in an industry decimated by COVID-19, which has hit Canada’s largest carriers and small regional companies alike. The pandemic’s effects haven’t spared Gander, a town centred around its airport, which has been seeing its share of troubles and where pressure for outside help is mounting.